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Arrowbuild & Civil Engineering Ltd

We are Arrowbuild, leaders in construction & civil engineering

Building Construction

Our Award Winning building team have a high range of experience and expertise. With the ability to deliver superior services to the highest standards when handling construction projects, refurbishment of and upgrading of facilities.

We can assist with everything from the initial planning applications and conversions, through to constructing steel frame and concrete structures, with composite cladding and utilities integration.

Building Repairs

Working with a variety of clients within the industrial, commercial, retail and transport sector, we carry out high quality civil engineering works for environmental, structural, transportation, urban, and utility contracts.

This includes dealing with everything from inception to completion, our works include large pre-cast concrete culverts on flood alleviation schemes for water authorities, through to small engineering solutions for private clients.

Civils & Groundworks

Formwork, reinforcement and concrete structures including retaining walls and headwalls are carried out to meet even the most complex and challenging designs.

With precision and expertise we are able to cast any structure accurately, providing clean and level surfaces.


Roads & Sewers

A Safe working environment is imperative, our Roads & Sewers installation and repair services provide core access to all businesses and prevent major disruption. 


Deep Drainage

Water can be unpredictable and dangerous if not handled efficiently and correctly, our deep drainage services are designed to reduce risk and assist in repairing and/or developing the core foundations to any project.



Groundworks/Earthworks are generally the starting point of any project, it is the process in preparing the ground ready the next stages of development and ensuring the safe disposal of removed materials and earth.



Plot works are usually the finishing touches to a project, they include the instillation of ducts such as gas, water and telecommunication lines 

Company Vision and Purposes

As one of the North East’s leading contractors in Civil Engineering with years of experience in the field, we take pride in our quality of service, attention to detail, and up-to-date knowledge of the most effective practices.

The foundation of our business stems from our well-respected family owned culture while our core service comes from our passion and expertise. We pride ourselves on both our diverse portfolio and Award-Winning services within the industry. We specialise in Roads & Sewers, Attenuation, Deep Drainage, Earthworks, Site Remediation and Plotworks in both the Commercial and Industrial sector.

If you’re looking for a contractor boasting a cost-effective, practical and hassle-free service, Arrowbuild are here to assist.

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We’ve Been Building For Years

As a privately-owned family business we have developed a culture which forms the core of our business and sets the standard for how we behave.

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